Powrmatic. Vision 2.3

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powrmatic_vision_2_3The need for air conditioning today is present winter and summer. All too often this means installing unsightly condensing units on the exterior of buildings. The new Powrmatic Vision 2.3 is a packaged solution which removes the need for an outdoor unit, and incorporates state of the art “monobloc” technology.The Vision also does not require a F-Gas certified engineer to install saving you as significant amount on installation costs.

vision_2_3_wallInstallation is easy due to the standard core drill bit required to make the 162mm holes. The Vision 2.3 can be installed on any external wall, either at a low or high position. All that is required for the installation (template, supporting bracket, outdoor grills, insulating wall pipes) is contained in the carton box ready to install. All that is required to be provided by the installer is the drilling machine and core bit.

The Vision features clean lines in a contemporary, eye-catching style that will complement any décor with and no sight of an outdoor condenser it makes the unit ideal for hotel rooms, restaurants and many other hospitality applications. It also allows for air conditioning on listed buildings. The only connection it needs to the outside is two discreet holes through an outside wall. As a result, there is minimum impact on the building’s exterior and complies with many regulations.

vision_2_3_controlIn addition to the remote control, the in built touch screen control allows users to select each mode, including a “lock” position, to avoid improper use. The “heat function” can also be deactivated through the control, to ensure the unit operates in “cooling only” mode. When used in this mode, when the ambient temperature is over 23°C, the condensate drain is not required.The orientation and direction of the supply louvre can also be set through the built in control.