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At JKL Heaters we have over 20 years experience in Industrial Commercial Heating and Air Conditioning. we are a family based business that prides itself on our service to our established client base.

Mstmicheals St. Michael’s & All Angels Church
This building is heated by a natural convection furnace in the crypt with vents in the floor of the church. Originally this was fired by solid fuel. We have supplied and oil fired burner and tank and also carried out extensive repairs to the refractory lining. The equipment is regularly serviced to ensure reliable operation. 
Mallied Allied Worldwide
This company is a specialist I.T. company working from a 3 storey office block. We installed a chilled water unit on the roof serving ceiling mounted fan coils on every floor. We also service and maintain their low pressure gas fired heating system. 
Mbeaconfuneral Beacon Funeral Services
We have installed mortuary chillers in all 3 of their branches together with split heat pumps in the offices and reception areas. At another Funeral Directors we supplied and built a complete modular mortuary including the chillers. 
Mbeaconsfieldtownhall Beaconsfield Town Hall
We replaced obsolete Hamworthy Boilers with new ones. The boilers heat throughout the premises using low pressure hot water. These boilers are regularly serviced by us. 
Mknottygreen Knotty Green Garage
This is a network Q garage for sales and servicing. In these premises we installed ducted warm air to serve the workshops and the offices. The heater is gas fired with fresh air feed. 
Mdavidshuttle David Shuttle – Beaconsfield
David Shuttle has four branches ranging from upmarket gifts to a cook shop. We have installed split heat pumps in two of their premises in the retail and office areas. 
biffa_sites_016 Biffa
On this site we have replaced some defective oil fired heaters with new ones. We have also repaired several heat exchangers and flues to enable safe operation. 
acropolis Akroplois Houses, Turkey
This 7 housed complex in Dalyan Turkey, has been fully equipped with Cooling and Heat pumps combined to every room, allowing all fun loving holiday makers a chance to cool down away from the sun.